Joseph Abileah

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Israeli Pacifist: The Life of Joseph Abileah
by Anthony G. Bing

Edition: Hardcover

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bulletPublisher: Syracuse Univ Pr (Trade); (July 1990)
bulletISBN: 0815624883
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A musician living inok? clearer with "born in Austria" Haifa, a pacifist, Quaker and conscientious objector, Joseph Abileah, who was born in Austria in 1915, has created harmony not only on the viola, but in building bridges between Arabs and Jews. A convert to Gandhi's nonviolent philosophy, he has worked for protecting minority rights in Israel and on cooperative projects bringing together Jews and Arabs. His call for a tripartite confederation which would unite Arab Palestine, Israel and Jordan in tackling common regional problems is now given serious consideration in some quarters. An opponent of right-makes-might nationalism, Abileah, in this quietly inspirational biography, presents an alternative vision of what the Middle East might look like. Bing teaches at Earlham College in Indiana. Photos.
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