Pizzas & Falafels - North America



A guide to outstanding North America establishments....


Falafel's Drive In, San Jose, CA, USA

  Falafel's have a "healthy vegetarian food" reputation in North California but there are a few Falafel eateries here that deserve special mention.  One exception is is San Jose's Falafel's Drive In (2301 Stevens Creek Blvd).  It's a small family owned establishment - always busy, very good, and very friendly.  See the 2003 write-up in a local paper.  Left:  blow-up - look at the size of that pita pocket.

















Lamonicas NY-Pizza, Westwood, CA, USA

Lamonicas NY Pizza 1066 Gayley Ave 310-208-8671

  Located @ 1066 Gayley Avenue, Westwood (greater LA).  This is best recommendation we can offer for a taste of NY pizza on the west coast.  We've been visiting this establishment for 20 years.  The quality is not as consistent as we would like, but when you need the pizza fix, this will do nicely. Lamonica's is also a great place to visit for a bit of NYC subway nostalgia.  The interior is tiled like a subway station and there are many authentic subway mementos and photographs on the walls.  


Falafel Hut, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

An excellent family run falafel  establishment across the street from the huge game arcade on the Santa Cruz boardwalk.   The owner is from the Middle East.  His wife is American born and a falafel convert.   Fish-and-chips and other items are also on the menu.

Have a falafel here and spend the change at the game arcade.


















Joe's Pizza Restaurant,

Montville, NJ, USA

185 Change Bridge Road, Montville.  Finding it if you are not from this area will be challenging, but worth the effort.

As long as Joe is running it, this will be the best pizza in New Jersey... and very fair competition for anything New York City has to offer.  It's called a restaurant  but many patrons run in for a takeout of individual slices or whole pies.