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Great pizzerias in Italy


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Great pizzas around the world. We have separate lists for NYC and the rest of the world



Stresa.  Osteria degli Amici [**, $$] Our favorite Stresa pizzeria, on a narrow side street,  visited two nights in a row in 2003, and revisited in 2006.  It is at a table at this restaurant on our first visit that we sketched out the early design for our new kitchen.  Best tables are on the street enclave.  Line of waiting customer is both a testimonial and warning to come early (or prepare to eat late).  The Osteria is on a side street, just a short block from the main piazza where most of the tourists hang out in more touristy restaurants. 


Rome.  da Giggetto il Re della Pizza [**,$], Via Alessandria 43.  A very popular neighborhood restaurant; exactly what we needed at the end of a Roma touring day: escape from tourists and a chance to see real Romans.   At da Giggetto you are treated as a local, not a dumb tourist.  There is indoor and outdoor (on the sidewalk) seating.  Wonderful food and friendly service. This restaurant is far enough from the main sights that it may be a good idea to go there by cab. 

degli Amci

Jack at the degli Amici (2006)

degli Amici pizza in 2006

Stresa 2.  On a return visit (2006) to Stresa we not only confirmed that degli Amici is still operational and as good as ever, but also found a formidible competitor nearby.  Ristorante Pizzeria Cardini di Mariangela [**,$] is a simple family run place up the hill overlooking Stresa.  In addition to exceptional pizzas Cardini offers delightful views of Lago Marggiori from its veranda seating.  It is in the small town of Someraro di Stresa, a few kilometers up a very windy road from Stresa.  Photo on left is one of the Cardini pizza creations.

The chefs at Cardini.  The fellow on the right handles the pizza oven.