Tour de Pizza



Bike tours of Manhattan with stops to load up on carbos.


Tour de Pizza 1999.  A 20 mile loop of mid and lower Manhattan.  Starting and ending at ....  It was on the hottest day in memory, when the public was advised to stay indoors.  The four hardy individuals that did show up enjoyed a ride through Manhattan with less traffic than usual.  And it wasn't unbearably hot.  So it all turned out for the better.

The tour's highlights:

Tour de Pizza 2000.  An easier 10 miles version of the 1999 tour.   Bike riding of lower Manhattan, with frequent stops for Pizza.  This one was cancelled due to weather & air traffic snags.  But why let a good route plan to waste, so here it is:
bulletStart:  Waterfront, Rockefeller Park, near West St & Chambers. 11 AM.