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Rudy, Miriam, Ephraim, and Joseph (Willy) with the music school students. 
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Jewish Family Names explains the origin of the name Abileah 


Society for Jewish Folk Music (From Encyclopedia Judaica at Home, article on Society for Jewish Folk Music (vol 15 p 57)) : Soc. for J. Folk Music was founded in St. Petersburg in November 1908 by a group of Jewish students at the conservatory,  among them A. Niezwicski (Abileah).  It was originally intended to be a Society for Jewish Music, but the commanding general of the district refused to license it under this title because he doubted Jewish music existed. He conceded that there may be Jewish folk music.  The word Folk was therefore inserted in the name.More on the Jewish Folk Music Society can be found at these Internet sites: Musica Judaica


Ephraim Abileah

Composer of the Mah Nishtana

Ephraim Abileah - performed in NY 1940

Joseph Abileah

Joseph Abileah First Refusenik - English

Joseph Abileah First Refusenik - Hebrew

Joseph Abileah - 1947 - UN hearing No 1

Joseph Abileah - 1947 - UN hearing No 2

Joseph Abileah - 1980s interview Joseph Abileah - Conscientious Objection in Israel

Willy Abileah - UN report A_8089 of 5 October 1970

Amazon book review

Cilla Grossmeyer

Cilla Grossmeyer Abileah - Monica Fallon - Artist Management - Artists


Benny Abileah

Benjamin Abileah -- Agricultural Program

Benny Abileah 1973 October 11 NYT Israelis With Military Training Are Called Home From the US

Benny Abileah 1982 August 6 NYT DECISION BY REAGAN

Benny Abileah 1982 Israel apology

Benny Abileah 1988 Jan 23 NYT Memorial for Rapoport


Arie Abileah

Arie Abileah - 1930 - Letter to the editor NYT

Arie Abileah - played in NY

Arie - Radio Interview
On radio 1927 

Plays the Theremino-Vox

Ron Abileah

1968 - NYT story on the Fresh Air Fund Camp

1968 - NYT-- AOS returns to the Empire State bldg

1967 - NYT - The young Glimpse Moon... story on Empire State Bldg lunar eclipse

1967 - Solar Eclipse from the Empire State Bldg

1992 - Tracking Illegal Fishing

1970 Van Flander AJ paper
More occultation stuff in My_Lunar_occulttions

Miriam Abileah

Miriam Abileah 1975 NYT Letter to editor - abolish 1st class cabin

Miriam Abileah 1992 February 9 NYT Letter to editor - Air Safety


Other relations

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