Pizzas & Falafels

A compendium on Pizzerias and Falafel-rias  (This site is always "UNDER CONSTRUCTION") 
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Halls of Fame

Pizzas Hall of Fame


All over New York City

Joe's Pizzeria, Montville, NJ, USA

Trattoria Da Silvio, Venice, Italy

Verona, Italy

Stresa, Italy

Rome, Italy

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Jerusalem, Israel

Nosara, Costa Rica

Falafels Hall of Fame


Dvora, Hadera, Israel

Falafel's Drive In (San Jose, CA, USA)

West Bank, Palestine

Melech Hafalafel  (king of falafel), Haifa, Israel (Sadly CLOSED)










Greek Pizza?  The original idea for a pizza may have originated with the  Greeks, but where are they now?  We knew one Greek pizzeria in NYC in the 1960s, but have lost track of it and have not had a decent "Greek" pizza since then.  We are on a mission to rediscover the Greek pizza.  Please write if you can help us with any information.



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